Let’s start children off on the way they should go,
    and even when they are old they will not turn from it.
Proverbs 22:6

Dear Friend,

Thank you for dropping by and your interest in knowing who or what is Joyscape.co.

Joyscape.co started as my side hobby with a simple vision to work with God’s word and spread God’s word into homes and families around the world. It is still very much a work in progress and it’s still constantly evolving.

In case you are wondering, I am Ming, a designer by passion, learning designer by profession, educational technologist by accident and Mom by divine appointment.

But let’s talk more of Him, less of me.

Is there a problem?

As I journeyed with God, I started to realize, it is not enough to just share God’s Word. People ALREADY have access to God’s Word. We have the most copies of Bibles ever printed in history. With Google, we can simply search bible verses anytime anywhere. But why are we unable to embrace God’s word and live out God’s word? Why do we keep dozing off whenever we flip the Book?

The problem is not about access and not having the Word. I believe one of the problem is the lack of understanding and relevance in how we are teaching our children the Word. Do we send our children to Sunday School to learn about Bible stories and expect them to come home any wiser about God’s Word for their lives? As a mom of two young children, I was getting concerned.

Is there a challenge?

There is also an impediment in the compartmentalized life we live. Do you live a compartmentalized life as how society defines it? Our Mondays to Fridays are lost to work, Saturdays are for some family time if we are fortunate enough, and Sundays are the remnant left for self / faith or anything in between? If you are a parent, is this the life you are modelling for your children?

Where is the room for God in our busy life? Where is the relevance of His Word in our lives? Where is His relevance in our children’s lives? Do we preach His Wisdom as additional knowledge that has no application to our children’s lives?

No wonder more and more are slipping away.

Let there be Light. Let us be the Light Givers

Humbly, I do not profess to have the full solution. But I have a belief it is up to each of us to do something. We must not sit by and lament the loss of faith, the straying of our young. We need to shine light for our children to see God in their daily living. And when we shine God into their lives, He can be their Teacher. He will be our children’s Mentor for life. Even as they grow old, they will not depart from it. Even when they are lost, God will find them back.

So this is the aim at Joyscape.

At Joyscape, the aim is to bring about a platform for like-minded Light Givers to come together and bring understanding of God’s Word into families and to the children. It is a platform to connect parents, teachers and any like minded people for family discipleship. We must aim to
+ help one another bring Godly values and truth into our daily living,
+ build the bridge and desire in our children to seek God, His values and truth,
+ help our children build a relationship with their Heavenly Father.
It is a community of support and library of resources where parents can tap on for ideas and materials that help their kids see God in their daily life and see how God works in their lives.

Truly, this is just a jolt to start. But if we can remind a parent that the walk with God starts from home, I believe we have accomplished something.

If you like to follow what we do, please join our community here. If you are a fellow Light Giver and love to connect, please drop a message here!

Finally, if you believe in what we do and want to support this mission, please support us here!

Yours Humbly,


Co-Founder, Joyscape.co
Let’s build a scape of joy with our loved ones.