Praying Crafts for Preschoolers

For most of us, when our babies are born, we take them to church to be blessed. Thereafter, we begin to teach them little truths and habits to help them grow and one of them is prayer.

One of the greatest advantages of teaching preschoolers about prayer is that children have a natural instinct to believe and have faith which is the foundation of getting results in prayer.

Nevertheless, as we teach them, we want to do so in a language that they can understand, and what better way to do this than to incorporate praying crafts so they can be actively involved in the process. Here are a list of simple prayer crafts parents can do with preschooler at home with just items you can easily get from home.

You can thank me later but let’s dive into some useful praying crafts below for your preschooler:

1. Downloadable/ Printable Prayer Prompt Cards.

On each card, it should state what your preschooler should pray about e.g. “I pray for my friends” or “I pray for my parents.  If you want to get even more creative, you can purchase card stock and guide your preschooler into drawing what they want to pray for. After you’ve accumulated about 4 things, you can staple them together or get a Grocery bag holder to stack them unto.

This prayer craft for preschoolers is equally great for toddlers. It’s a good way to get the conversation started on God at tender age.

2. Create a Prayer Jar

For this activity, you’ll need a mason jar,  fudge sticks, glue, glitter, markers, papers, ribbon, paint, newspaper clippings ( In essence anything that decorates the jar to your preschooler’s taste). 

The aim is to create a customized, well-decorated Jar labeled  “Prayer Jar”.  To help your child identify what they can pray for, you can search for pictures in the newspaper or on the internet, cut them out, and put them in the jar. Once that’s done, every time, they choose a picture, they will know what to say.

3. Create a Prayer Hand

You’ll need multiple colors cardstocks, string, markers, and anything decorative.

Guide them into tracing their hands on the card stock until they’ve reached approximately four (4). You can assist them with cutting them out, then tying them together. On each hand, they can write, draw or paste a picture of one thing they’ll pray for.

4. Letters to Jesus

You’ll need: paper, markers, and decorative embellishments.

The aim of this activity is to help your child write letters to Jesus, providing of course that you explain who Jesus is. After writing each letter and embellishing it with whatever colorful Items you can find in your craft pan, you can help them stick it on the wall in their room, or to be more fun, you can drop it off at the post office.

5. Prayer Bingo Sheet

 You’ll need:  Paper divided into many slots similar to a bingo sheet, a box, blank paper, markers or pencils, coverings. For preschoolers who can’t write yet, you can make use of stickers or print out pictures for them to stick.

Image credit Mycupoverflows

At the beginning of your week, you and your preschooler can come up with as many things they can possibly pray for. You’ll then create a sheet with squares and let them stick a picture or write each request in each square. To keep it simple, you can ask them to pray for a person in each square.

The requests should also be written/pasted on pieces of paper and placed in a box.  At the end of the week, each participant will get a sheet of paper and covers to place over each square. Each person will choose a square from the prayer box to pray for. After each prayer, the participant should strike out their squares to to mark that they had that prayer request covered. Whoever goes five in a row first, wins.  

6. I can pray anywhere

  • You’ll need pictures or images of places your preschooler likes going to, pencils, markers, anything to decorate.

Help your pre-schooler to draw or cut out places he or she likes to go. It could be to the movies, beach, swimming in the pool, over a friend’s house, etc. Then help them to write the words “I can pray at” and then paste the picture beside it.

7. Prayer Phone Cups

  • You’ll need : 2 cups, strings crayons, pencils, markers.

Have your preschooler color the phone in their favorite color.  Then a discussion can begin by asking them who do they like talking to on the phone the most. Then you can explain that they can similarly talk to God.  Let them have a go on the phone with one another. Ask them :

  • If they can hear the person on the other side clearly. If they can’t, why? Is it because there are lots of noise?
  • If they know God is always on the other side of the phone waiting for them to call?
  • If they need any special power to hear God (help them understand they don’t need anything special to hear God.)
  • Elicit response and expand on the discussion with them.

Here’s another modern alternative to prayer phone cups you could do with your preschooler. Download a printable prayer phone template for the craft here.

Image credit Creativesundayschoolscrafts

8. How to pray for others Prayer Chart

You’ll Need: Paint, card stock, pencils/ markers. 

Image Credit:

Help your preschooler to create a rainbow with various raindrops. They can color the rainbow and rain drops a color(s) of their choice to color the raindrops. On each raindrop, help them to write one thing or person that they want to pray for this week and ask them to pray for the person/item. After they pray, they can pluck the raindrop off the rainbow and thank God for listening to their prayers and trust that God has heard their prayers.

9. Prayer of Thanksgiving

You’ll need the printable picture of a rose with petals, crayons, markers, card stock, and glue. 

Help your preschooler to cut out the image of a rose and paste it to the card stock. They can choose a color(s) of their choice to color the rose. On each petal, Help them to write one thing or person that they are thankful for and then explain to them when praying that giving God thanks is also important.

10. Start a Prayerful Journal with your preschoolers!

While this is designed for older kids, I cannot emphasize more the need for us to cultivate a prayerful life together with our children as early as possible. You can download a copy of our free prayerful journal digital kit and use the prayer list templates to help your child keep track of their prayers and note down how God has answered them. Start young by helping them jot down prayer needs as a family.

I hope these suggestions help!  Comment below if you’ve tried any of these, looking forward to hearing from you. works with a team of freelance writers and we are constantly on the lookout for writers who can contribute to a wide range of topic. We aim to tackle interesting questions on faith, discipleship, parenting, things to do with our children and family. If you like to contribute, do write in!


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