Habit Tracker & Daily Tracker

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ThisĀ digital kit includes 7 printable templates including

  • Hourly Tracker
  • Morning Tracker
  • Afternoon Tracker
  • Evening Tracker
  • 20-80 Rule Sheet
  • Bonus Habit Tracker

Designed for all ages

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The world makes it easy for us to fill our time with all kinds of things that drown out the voice of God and push Him into the background of our lives. These distractions come in different forms – from media and entertainment to food and hobbies. Even our family and church activities can sometimes distract us or pull us away from the Lord!

It’s time to shut out the noises

Shut out the non-essential activities and get yourself organized with these daily trackers. Track your activities for a week or 2 and review what are the biggest distracters in your life. Follow the 20-80 rules to optimize your time. Understand that everything else in life eventually passes away but God will still be there. How many percent of your time is spent with God?

How to Use the Time Trackers?

  • Choose how detailed you want to monitor your activities and choose a template (Hourly, morning/afternoon/evening) to print.
  • Record your hourly activities and note their importance
  • Repeat the recording for 1 week.
  • Review your activities and see how much times are being spent in non-essential and time wasters
  • Use your 20-80 rule sheet to review your activities and decide what activities you need to cut down and which essential activities make up your vital 20%.
  • In the 2nd week, repeat with conscious effort to spend more time doing the vital 20%.
  • Use the Bonus Habit Tracker to help you develop a good habit for 21 days running!

Be honest with yourself and be disciplined, as God desires us to be!

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