Joyscape Staff asked 2 years ago
How will you go about explaining prayer to a child? What are some best ways to make them understand what is prayer, the importance of prayers and how to pray, without making it into some mindless routine?

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osbournejay answered 2 years ago
Explaining Prayer to a Child
Explaining prayer to a child is very important because it is an excellent opportunity for them to understand from an early age how vital it is to have a relationship with God.

  • The first step that should be taken when doing so is help them understand that God is the creator of the universe, He is all powerful, great, full of love and He’s also their friend, let them know he loves and cares for them so much, that explanation will create a wonderful mindset of comfort for the child.
  • Then the next step is to explain that prayer is talking to God with respect while speaking to him from the heart.  Look for opportunities to pray in front of your children this demonstration his in the explanation process, teach them to pray, just as you would teach them about manners, kindness, or humility.
  • Demonstrate to your children that prayer does not have to be long to be heard by God. Quick prayers, such as asking for guidance with a decision, blessings during a birthday party, or protection and safe travels before a vacation, can help children understand that God is concerned about all parts of their lives. This will definitely encourage their little hearts to talk with Him always.
  • A short prayer you can allow you child/children to model is “Lord be with me, my family and friends” or “Thank you God” when He answers a prayer.
  • At first, some children are hesitant to pray aloud. If this occurs, you can pray first and then ask the youngster to continue it to help them get over the hesitation or shyness. Let your children become comfortable with praying because God is only a prayer away.
  • Remind your child/children that they can pray about anything and that no request is too small or trivial for God. Prayers are very personal, and a child’s anxieties and concerns evolve as he or she grows older. Encourage your youngster(s) to talk to God about anything that is bothering him or her. God delights in hearing each of their prayers.