Joyscape Staff asked 2 years ago
What are some fun ways to memorize scripture? I am looking for ways to memorize scripture for myself, and also any ways suitable for my children? How to teach a child to memorize bible verses?

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Zachary answered 2 years ago
  • Check out this video of 2 Corinthians 5:17 in song form:″>(10) 2 Corinthians 5:17 (A New Creation) – YouTube.
    A video like this has so many different aspects to it that make memorizing Scriptures fun! The song is incredibly catchy, making the words easy to remember, and it is complemented by exciting visuals that will keep a child’s attention.
  • There are also fun games you can play to memorize Scripture. Write out a verse from the Bible on a piece of paper, then cut the words apart, so they are all separate. Lay them out on a table and read the verse aloud with your child. Take away a word, one at a time, and then have them repeat the verse and see if they can remember the missing word. Continue doing this until you have made it through the entire verse and they have completely memorized it.
  • Physical movement can be helpful as well in memorizing verses. A simple game of catch can be turned into a fun Scripture memory game! Take your selected verse and break it up into multiple phrases. For example, let’s say you are trying to memorize John 8:32. You can break it up into two phrases: “You shall know the truth” and “the truth shall set you free.” Take it one phrase at a time, each taking turns saying one word of the phrase as you toss the ball to the other person. Keep repeating your game of catch until you’ve completed both phrases. Then try doing the entire verse!


  • Toy building blocks such a Duplos or Megablocks can be a great tool as well. Write out your verse and cut out each individual word. Tape them all to the side of your building blocks. Have your child build different things with the blocks, but with the goal of getting the words in the correct order and saying them aloud as they use the particular piece. Then, once they have finished building, have them read the whole thing aloud. Repeat this process as many times as it takes to have the verse memorized.